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Ex. Aircraft


What first comes into your head when you say something like "dog"

- Abby

Convergent Thinking

a whole bunch of ideas coming together

Divergent Thinking

resembles creativity, expands to other types of ideas


Step by Step, going through every solution until you find an answer, takes alot of time

Ex. Reading a textbook fully


short cut, saves alot of time, but you can skip the right answer

Ex. see a black guy and say he should be on your basketball team


sudden awareness and think how you will solve the problem

Confirmation bias

tendency to search for information which supports your argument and ignore other evidence


failing to see things from alternate perspectives

Mental set

preconceived way of thinking and doing things

Ex. opening the door

Functional Fixedness

thinking of things only in terms of their intended use


Your gut feeling

The Representative Heuristic

judging something by how well it matches up with a prototype

Ex. Is he a basketball player or a garbage man?

The availability heuristic

-people are biased toward information that is easier for us to recall

Ex. when something bad happens on a plane, you cannot escape it for a while


You do well on the practice test, so you think you will do well on the test

Belief Perseverance Phenomenon

irrationally clinging to our beliefs

sticking to our guns, even though we are proven wrong


wording or phrasing of an issue may impact judgements and decisions

Ex. you have a 10% chance of dying

you have a 90% chance of living

Risk Averse

when there are framed gains, conservative

Risk Seeking

when framed losses, liberal


Simplest sound unit in language

Ex. Bat has B- A- T-


Prefixes and suffixes


the meaning of words or sentences


Rules for ordering words in sentences

Ex. adjectives come before nouns

Whorf Linguistic determinism

it is too extreme, cannot have thought in your head until you develop language

Bilingual Advantage

improved international abilities

Wernicke's area

allows you to comprehend speech

Boca's area

allows you to produce language