The Importance Of Bilingualism And Cognitive Development

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The ability to speak more than one language is known as bilingualism. Bilingualism has shown to become more and more common, as countries begin to even more intertwine. However, the timing of when the second language is taught, can be key to a child 's development, cognitively, socially, emotionally, for future employment, and for the sake of their health. The earlier a child is able to begin development of a second language, is critical, and research explains it better develops their lives. The influence of bilingualism on the cognitive development proves to favor in speaking more than one language. The cognitive development is based on mathematics, logic, problem-solving, and memory; as well as, having the knowledge to deal with verbal and visual information. The brains of bilingual individuals are very flexible, and active; aiding in searching for different answers to given questions. Speaking …show more content…
More companies are in search for employees whom are bilingual, as their services can be found in multilingual, and diverse populations. Whereas services can be found in diverse areas, many companies also have international offices, sell products and services globally, or have facilities that produce their products in foreign countries. At almost two-thirds of the the adults globally, speak at least two languages. Being a bilingual adults ensures more employment opportunities, than monolingual individuals. As well as, having increase employment possibilities, on average bilingual adults make $7,000 more than peers who speak only one language. In regards to retirement, some polls have shown that savings can have an additional $67,000 because of having the skill of bilingualism, and polls showing to have 5-20% increase of pay per hour. As well as being a bilingual employee, translators and interpreters are among the top growing

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