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Because the contract offer was a NEBULOUS one, the union leaders balked at it.
unclear, vague
Ezra pound, the expatriate poet, was REVILED for his pro-Fascist remarks.
when the grand jury refused to INDICT him, the mobster was exonerated.
Every time his accountant called with PESKY pecuniary problems, Ben was very blunt with him.
The columnist was ordered to recant her DEROGATORY statement.
belittling, disparaging
Left holding the bag
To be left to suffer the blame
while the palace guards were in REPOSE, the rebels coup began in earnest.
state of rest
Coach Fischer issued a fait that required that his players be ABSTEMIOUS.
moderate in eating or drinking
the REDOLENT sent that came from the bakery created in Eloise a sense of nostalgia for her grandmother's bread.
OMNIVOROUS eaters find the dietary laws in some hotels to be too restrictive.
eating any kind of food
Regardless of how DESPERATE their crimes were, all the prisoners were freed by the general amnesty.
A lick and a promise
To do something in a hasty and superficial manner
hundreds of EXTANT copies of Shakespeare's signature came from the same prolific forger
Still existing
the VICISSITUDES of life in the Medical Corps are not for the squeamish
We originally planned on the skyscraper but had to settle for the truncated EDIFICE
A building
When he learned that the movie was to be replete with SULTRY scenes, the cautious banker refuse to underwrite its cost
Extremely hot and moist, torrid
General Fox needed a TRENCHANT report on the enemy's latent strength
keen, incisive
Tongue in cheek
she advocated LUGUBRIOUS music as appropriate background for the funeral
Very sad
Although the Debater's rebuttal was PUISSANT, it was totally irrelevant
The plague continued UNABATED, and the hapless Friar John was unable to deliver the note to Romeo
Without subsiding
a good barometer of the reunions success was the number of MAUDLIN songs that the Alumni sang
dean Flanigan admonished us for our LEVITY at the graduation exercises.
Lightness of disposition
To take the wind out of one's sails
To remove someone's advantage