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if we were JUXTAPOSE our philosophies, your materialism would conflict with my idealism.
to place side by side
judge Felder commented with asperity upon the wife's charge of INCOMPATIBILITY.
Quality of being mismated, lack of harmony
Just how our club's president is able to COPE with so many tests personalities is something I'll never understand.
To be matched for, to be able to handle
the PLIGHT of the refugees who wandered about in a desultory fashion moved us to tears.
Predicament, dangerous situation
Woodrow Wilson stated that he found COVERT agreements to be reprehensible.
Secret, hidden
Plea bargain
to agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge so as to avoid trial for a more serious offense
Dave's metamorphosis from an honest person to one who could FABRICATE an alibi so adroitly was amazing.
to lie, concoct
The widow grew maudlin as she reminisced about her former CONNUBIAL bliss.
related to marriage
I will have to DEMUR even if I receive a bona fide invitation to run for the G.O council.
to object
Because he was the scion of the richest family on our block, Lenny was given the APPELLATION of Rockefeller.
a name
in apple pie order
in neat order, good condition
Many derogatory statements were heard from those who were opposed to further ESCALATION of the conflict
an increase, intensification
with complete INDIFFERENCE toward his personal safety lieutenant Regan openly challenge the puissant forces of the enemy.
lack of concern
when destitution grips an area, there is excellent POTENTIAL for trouble.
the CUMULATIVE effect of the summer's sultry weather was to shorten everyone's temper.
the poet's RECONDITE language precluded any understanding of her theme.
secret, hidden, obscure
apple polishing
trying to gain favor by gifts or flattery.
Monte refused to ACKNOWLEDGE the extrinsic pressures that were causing him to do poorly in his sophomore year.
We must not allow fulsome praise to DELUDE is about our actual abilities.
to fool
As a PRELUDE to his performance, the bullfighter vowed to do penance for his sins.
the scheme sounded CHIMERICAL, but we were indoctrinated to believe that it could work.
visionary, imaginary, fantastic
the Draconian code
a very severe set of rules