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What does singular disregard for the family the PROFLIGATE spouse spent their salary on alcohol
Each spouse said that the other was culpable for their conjugal STRIFE
discord, disagreement
"The number of my followers is LEGION" said the flamboyant politician.
a large number
The necessity for executing the leaders of the abortive COUP was obviated when they committed suicide.
Hitler's megalomania was a veneer for his insecurity and feelings of inferiority
Abnormal desire for wealth and power
To play possum
To try to fool someone to make believe someone is dead or asleep
the publisher's mendacious claims led to a myraid of law suits
lying, untrue
when the jury began to deliberate, they were prepared to EXONERATE the culprit
to free from guilt
the itinerant poet, living aboard for twenty years was a voluntary EXPATRIATE
an exile
one cannot govern by FIAT, the sedentary mayor quickly learned; it is necessary to get out and meet the citizens if you want their cooperation
an official order, a decree
we recognized the dictators AMNESTY as an obvious feint that would be withdrawn after Christmas
a general pardon
its an I'll wind that blows nobody good
Someone usually benefits from another person's misfortune
I plan to DISMANTLE the stereo and clean all the components
To strip of covering, take apart
the SUMPTUOUS feast was prepared with impeccable care.
Unless my boss modifies her PARSIMONIOUS attitude, a fractious picket line is going to be erected.
miserly, cheap
Clarence Day deemed that PECUNIARY matters are best handled by men.
when our rivals agreed to UNDERWRITE the cost of the trip, a myriad of suspicions began to form in my mind.
agree to finance
To know the ropes
To be fully acquainted with the procedures
the rebels innate hatred of RESTRICTIVE decrees led him to crave freedom all the more
harsh, confining
a string of caustic epithets was directed at the recruit by his BLUNT Sergeant.
plain spoken
Although the former farm girl pretended to be urbane, a feeling of NOSTALGIA always came over her when she heard country music
Yearning for the past
Criticism of the author was RIFE among the coterie of intellectuals who use to praise him
jimmy was a lawbreaker, but he would BALK at the idea of carrying a lethal weapon.
(v.) to refuse to move
Behind the eight ball
In trouble