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When the business manager was accused of extortion, his colleagues sought to oust him from the firm.

Getting money by threats

The eminent impresario brought many cultural spectacles to our shores.

One who presents cultural series, organizer

Attacked by the Irate coward, the bigot ass the police for sanctuary.

A narrow minded, prejudice person

President Obama found that texting was an asset to his communication skills.

A valuable thing to have

It was excruciatingly painful for the actors to read the adverse reviews that their performance had received.

Unfavourable, harmful

To spill the beans

To give away a secret

The visiting dictators ubiquitous entourage of bodyguards disturbed are tranquil city.

Group of attendants

Europe's population was afflicted by a virulent plague known as the Black Death.

Full of hate, harmful

From each candidate's headquarters acrimonious charges would spew forth daily.

Throw up, vomit, eject

Clym Yeobright's mother succumbed to the venom of a snake bite.

Poison, spite, malice

With blatant discourtesy the reporters continued to harass the bereaved family.

Disagreeably loud, very showy

To keep a stiff upper lip

To be courageous in the face of trouble

Since we felt that the ruling was arbitrary, we were loath to obey it.

Unwilling, reluctant

Daily the volunteers went out to solicit funds for the indigent families.

Too beg, seek earnestly

My neighbor was astute enough to discern the adverse features of the mortgage.

Keen, shrewd

The general wear shorts advocate that we give the enemy no respite from the bombings.

To be in favor of, to support

The play was so blatantly bad that the impresario fired its ineffectual director.

Not effective

To have cold feet

To hesitate because of fear or uncertainty

The vexatious buzzing of the mosquitoes as they surged about our heads nearly drove us insane.


Our amicable relations with Latin America are an asset to hemispheric trade.

Friendly, peaceful

Once the virulent malady had run its course, my temperature dropped.


We were distraught upon hearing the venom spewed forth by the nefarious bigots.

Villainous, vicious

No sooner did the lawyer scrutinize the extortion note than she called the police.

Examine closely

To look a gift horse in the mouth

To be critical of the present

From the practice of judging a horses age by his teeth