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The Bureau of child guidance has been the salvation for some maladjusted children.

Poorly adjusted, disturbed

Our algebra class is a heterogeneous one in which bright students are juxtaposed.


Senator Thorpe was perspicuous enough to realize that the scurrilous charge would have little effect upon the voters.

Acutely perceptive, shrewd, bad

Although the lawyer acknowledge that the two cases were hardly analogous he still felt that he had a good precedent on his side.

Comparable, similar

The actress ran the gamut of the emotions in a poignant performance that thrilled the audience.


The distaff side


Irritability is one of the salient features of a neurotic personality.

Suffering from a nervous disorder.

After a decade of connubial acrimony, the couple decided to consult with a marriage counselor.

10 years

If a miner were to ponder over high mortality rate in his occupation he might want to quit.


Ethan Frome soon learned that his querulous wife was susceptible to a variety of ailments.

Easily affected, unusually liable

There was no paucity of witnesses to describe the phenomenon of the flying saucer.

unusual occurrence

On the qui vive

On the alert

Reporters were expecting the candidate to enunciate his policy on the escalation of the war.

To utter, proclaim

His profligate son made the parsimonious old crank even more irascible.


Since Alice is so gregarious it surprise me to learn that she was also an introspective girl.

Looking into ones own feelings.

Mr. Ford is proud to be called a teacher but he demurs at the title of pedagogue.


In an attempt to show how assiduous he was, the executive spent an inordinate amount of time on his report.


To get one's back up

To become angry

Don Ricardo hope that his son perpetuate the family business but manual was too involved with chimerical schemes to want to run a restaurant.

Serving to pay back

If the draconian regulations are to continue unabated they will have catastrophic results.


Dr. Meyers prescribed medication to neutralize the acid condition that had incapacitated my uncle.

To counteract

As a prelude to his victory speech, the mayor announced that he considered large vote to be a mandate from the people.

An authoritative order or command.

To bring home the bacon

To earn a living, to succeed