Three Favorite Texts

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My three favorite texts in semester one

The three most interesting texts that I have read in Mr. Mcgee’s Class

Wow! the first semester just flew by. I can still remember walking into the doors of the high school, and realizing it would be the last first day of high school. I also remember walking into my English class, and realizing that I would never graduate. A few short months have past, and I have excelled in all of my classes. The one class that I have done amazing in would be english, and I think it’s because of the poems that I have read in that class. Some were sad, and aggravating, and some were happy and exciting. The three texts that were my favorite in the first semester would have to be Not drowning but waving, The rocking
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I loved this poem because of how it changed the perspective of the male minds. I also like the cheesy, romantic stuff that people write, or direct in movies. The way the author had wrote the words he wrote, was amazing. I liked the poem, because it almost felt like I was in the poem. Everyone has that dream where they take one look at someone and just know that they want them, but that’s not what I felt. I liked the mystery in the story, and how he was so confused why she didn’t give him the time of day. As we have learned that Lord Byron was a player, and was never the settle down type. We also learned that a person can change in a second. I had my certain doubts about this poem, and how it all changed for him, but then as the words kept being read I understood the man and his words. No it wasn’t love at first sight, because let’s face it that is never going to be true, but he fell for someone that he just meant. The poem reminded me of how teenage girls act, sometimes. They think they have found the love of their life, or think they have fallen in love at first sight.” A The truth is it was not love in this poem, it was complete astonishment of how a women could completely ignore a man that does a tremendous amount of “homework”. I liked the poem because of how the man was so direct and had so much care with his

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