Essay about What´s Myocardites?

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Introduction: The myocardites are classified as inflammatory diseases that affect the heart with variable clinical manifestations, and it has been suggested that various inflammatory variants are responsible for this condition 1,2 .Some studies report that 10% to 30%of heart failures are due to cardiac inflammation, and viral infection3,4 .Present of inflammatory diseases, and genetic proneness have been reported to be contributory factors5-7.Accurate diagnosis of myocarditis is a challenge as it necessitates multiple biopsies8-11.Transcriptomics investigation is considered as an extremely useful tool for accurate diagnosis of complex pathological conditions12.Bettina and her colleagues pointed out that microarray is a valuable tool to …show more content…
By using microarrays, we can identify genes that change their expression patterns upon infection. Since viruses hijack gene expression systems in infected cells, we can pinpoint which genes are most affected by viruses that cause myocarditis. Targeted therapies can be developed once interactions between the infected host and the virus are better understood. Understanding the host response to viral infections will not only help in treatment of myocarditis, but could also impact other diseases that are caused by viral infections22.
Materials and Methods
Tissue sampling and microarray preparation:
We sampled tissue from 3 heart biopsy from healthy patients, as control ,and tissue from 3 infected patients on day 7 following diagnosis After being frozen in Liquid nitrogen ,samples were placed in the freezer before RNA extraction. The RNA was purified via Trizol method, converted to complementary DNA (cDNA), and hybridized to Affymetrix GeneChip MOE430A microarrays. The integrity of total RNAs was checked via the Bioanalyzer 2100 system (Agilent Technologies) The microarrays were run at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
Data analysis
To analyse the microarray data, we used GeneSpring. 11.5.After launching Gene Spring a window opened up then we chose the option ,creating a new project and called it Heart Disease Agilent 2-colour was the

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