WCF in TMS Release Tool Essay

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WCF in TMS Release Tool

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1 Introduction 4
1.1 Introduction to TMS 4
1.2 Objective 4
2 Basics of WCF 5
2.1 What is WCF? 5
2.2 WCF concepts 5
2.3 Service Execution Boundaries 6
3 How WCF is used in TMS Release Tool 7
3.1 TMS Release Tool 7
3.2 Why WCF Service is used? 8
4 Challenges & Solution 9
5 Glossary 10
6 References 11

1 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to TMS
• Test Management System (TMS) is one of the application developed and used by Tellabs. It provides test infrastructure that makes Test Engineers to efficiently develop and deploy
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Microsoft introduced Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) as a part of .NET framework to help developers to create, consume services for .NET applications. WCF is created with the aim to allow communication between systems running on different platforms. WCF is a combined feature of .NET Remoting, ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX). With WCF, one can cross process, machine over any number of protocols; WCF provides security, transactions, and reliable messaging over any protocol.
2.2 WCF concepts 2.2.1 Endpoint
Service is exposed through endpoints. Endpoint is the combination of 3 aspects that present between service providers and service consumers. Address tells the client where the service is, contract is what the client can do with the service or in another words, what the service offers to the client and binding is how the client can consume the service.

2.2.2 Addresses
In WCF, every service is associated with a unique address that tells clients where the service is hosted. The address provides two important elements: the location of the service and the transport protocol (transport schema) used to communicate with the service. Addresses always have the following format:
[Transport]:// [machine or domain][:optional port]/path

2.2.3 Contracts

In WCF, all

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