Importance Of The Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine

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Beginning this journey in the mental health field I thought it was pretty clean cut. My friends tended to come to me for advice and would often tell me how well I was at being able to view situations from different standing points. With the praise I was receiving, it would only be smart to get paid for the craft in which I exceled in. It was not until I began to gain experience that I realized that the psychology field was so much more than telling a friend to find their own happiness.
The issues of the lunch table in high school were nothing compared to what I was to learn. Through college I realized there is a vast world of individuals fighting their hardest battle yet; their selves. It was then that I gained a genuine passion for helping
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I had heard nothing but positive things about this college. As soon as I stepped foot on the campus I knew this was not like any of the other places I had previously visited. The presentation at the open house gave me the confidence of being able to pursue and excel in a career of my dreams. The facility gave a relief of such a great support systems of faculty and administration that actually wants their students to do well and make a difference. The history of students who continued on their career paths proved to have received a great lead in the right direction. Students who had the idea of helping the communities close to them as I would like to …show more content…
In the African American community, mental health issues are not greatly recognized as it should be. Our community tends to stick to with idea that mental issues are just behavioral problems that can be altered with punishment and reward. Rather than reaching out because a child displays signs of ADHD, the community believes that a spanking or removal of phones and games can ultimately be the answer to the inability to focus in class. The bias towards children seeking outside help or on medication in the African American community is an issue I would like to see better exposed and widely accepted. I have only begun to deeply investigate these difficult situations that tends to lead mental wellness to being overlooked due to the lack of resources. A prior research project of mine regarded the effect of those in a single parent household and the likeliness of those children attending and completing their undergraduate experience at Delaware State University. A small population compared to the hundreds of people affected by the same

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