US Life in 1919 Essay

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US Life in 1919

Life in the USA by 1919 was very revolutionary; socially, religiously and economically. For example, women were becoming more independent and were being taken more seriously, there was a dramatic rise in the variety of different industries, the different classes were integrating, the amount of immigrants was on a dramatic rise and religious views were being expressed very noticeably.

To begin with, women were becoming independent. They were beginning to earn their own living and no longer living up to the “housewife” standard that this era possessed. Equality was a big issue and women wanted to be taken more seriously and be admired for the qualities they really possess and
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To meet the growing demand for the Model T, the company opened a large factory at Highland Park, Michigan, in 1910. Here, Henry Ford combined precision manufacturing, standardized and interchangeable parts, a division of labour, and, in 1913, a continuous moving assembly line. Workers remained in place, adding one component to each automobile as it moved past them on the line. Delivery of parts by conveyor belt to the workers was carefully timed to keep the assembly line moving smoothly and efficiently. The introduction of the moving assembly line revolutionized automobile production by significantly reducing assembly time per vehicle, thus lowering costs. Ford's production of Model Ts made his company the largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

Cars were not the only industry rising dramatically. The amount of telephones produced in the same time increased by 13 million to 20 million and there was an amazing rise in radio sales, starting from 60,000 up to 10 million. Efficiency was becoming a bit part of everyday life.

Advertising boomed in the 1920’s, mostly taking a shine to electrical goods for the home such as vacuum cleaners (as electricity was becoming exceedingly popular as a new energy source as old sources of energy was hardly used compared to 10 years previously. The land was covered in deserted mines for example. As

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