The Outsiders Heroism

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I’ve read a lot of books with heroes in them, but in The Outsiders, almost every character is a hero. This story is about a gang called the greasers. All the greasers could be considered a hero. My definition of a hero is a dependable, caring, and unselfish person. One character in this book fits my definition of a hero perfectly. Darrel Curtis fits my definition of hero perfectly. In the beginning of the book it shows how Darry wants the best for Ponyboy. Ponyboy is walking home at 2:00a.m. from the lot in the cold weather. Darry is worried sick for him and only wanted him to be safe. When Ponyboy arrived at home, Darry shouted, “where the heck have you been.” Later he said, “ Can't you use your head? You haven’t even have a coat on” (Hinton 50). He is yelling at Pony and wants him to be safe. This is heroic because he is worried for Ponyboy and wants him to be safe. Soces could've hurt him and …show more content…
Darry and Ponyboy are chasing Sodapop because he ran from home because Darry and Ponyboy were fighting and Sodapop was getting pulled into the argument. When Pony caught up to Soda he tackled him. Soda then said to Pony, “You don't realize all Darry’s giving up just to give you a chance he missed out on” (Hinton 175). This means that Darry is giving up part of his life for to make Ponyboy’s life better. He gave up collage for Pony. Heroism is showed in this act because Darry is being unselfish and is giving up a huge opportunity of his life to make Ponyboy's life better. Many people might see Darry as an uneducated greaser who did not save anyone. That, however ignores his heroic qualities of a dependable, unselfish, caring person. Darry does not have to run into burning building to save people to be a hero. Yes Darry has made mistakes, but he did save Pony and Soda. If Darry left to college Soda and Pony would be lost without him. Darry is an unselfish person who gave up college to make pony and Sodas life

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