United States Merchant Marines Essay

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The United States Merchant Marines

The United States Merchant Marines are complied of thousands of the best trained men and women of today to man naval or commercial ships. Merchant Marines have dated back even further then the United States Coast Guard. The Merchant Marines have had a huge impact on the United States Navy since they have been established. Merchant Marines have manned fleets of ships for the U.S. Navy which carry imports and export during peace time. Once wartime rolls around, they become naval auxiliary, to ship and deliver troops and war materials. The largest participation came from the United States Merchant Marines after the Merchant Marine Act of 1936. Due to the act of 1936, the controversial question is when the
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The men who instructed recruits the USMS were thousands of active and retired mariners from the Navy and Coast Guard. The USMS took over 250,000 recruits and was able to turn them into fighting mariners. The instructors taught the men how to operate anti-aircraft guns and cannons, along with the proper equipment used to protect them selves. They were taught navigation, engine operation and maintenance, and deck operations aboard training vessels. Also they were subjected to training in hazardous conditions and how to protect the ships from mines and attacks from submarines. The United States Maritime Service also started training men for the U.S. Army Transport Service who transported supplies and troops. Merchant Marines became a part of the largest fleets of freighters and tankers in the history of the U.S. and Allied forces. They would travel to bases all around the world, delivering supplies. The soldiers depended on the important transportation of bombs, gasoline, shells, ammunition, food, guns, vehicles, planes, medicine, and other materials for war. As soon as they left the docks and harbors, the ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Army Transport Service were considered to be on the frontlines. The enemy would mine the harbors and many of the submarines waited outside of the harbors to sink the supply ships. This all

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