Unhealthy Lifestyle Essay

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Teen lifestyles have rehabilitated drastically over the last 20 years, and many unhealthy habits have formed for teens as a result.
Most fast food places have disproportionate calories in each meal. Fast food and periods of long inactivity are to blame for over weigh problems (Driscoll, UCLA newsroom). Most teens use fast food as a quick way for meals that are completely full fat. (Driscoll, UCLA newsroom) Most fast food places have excessive calories in each meal that can be treacherous to health.(Driscoll UCLA newsroom) Some fast food meals have more calories than the recommended in one day. Nearly three-quarters of California teenagers live in areas overcrowded with fast food places.(Driscoll, UCLA newsroom) .Consumption of fast food
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(FastfoodObesiy.net)Parents can be the solution in childhood obesity through early anticipation and encouraging their children to be active. (Mentor) Parents who live unhealthy lifestyles put the habits off on their kids who will evenly pass the habits off to other people. (BBC news) Parents should maintenance their kids into doing more school activities like support. (FastfoodObesiy.net) The looks of teenagers is very important in America to and is effected by weight problems, as magazines show petite girls and strapping guys as being the thing to be, can make some teens feel that they are not good enough and do not look good. (FastfoodObesiy.net).Some clothing stores also do not carry hefty sizes that can also affect their self-respect. (FastfoodObesiy.net)
There has been a very large increase in teens all around the world and some countries are now calming that as much as one third of teens in that country. (BBC news) “the government is already making an allowance for moves to limit snack food advertising to children as experts warn of an adolescent obesity epidemic” (BBC news) Some childhood obesity come from genetic disorders and is much harder to overcome. There has been an immense increase in type 2 diabetes. Doctors now see diabetes brought on poor diet and lack of exercise in children as young as 13 years of age. (BBC news) Weight problems also lead to high cholesterol and other serious issues. (BBC news)
The dangers of being

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