The Importance Of Preventing Childhood Obesity

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This paper will be discussing childhood obesity and gives ways to improve one’s lifestyle. I will be giving information all about this topic that is accurate based on official websites and readings. I will be giving ways to change children’s lifestyles that are healthy and explain how it will benefit them and help prevent childhood obesity. I have also interviewed a high school teacher of mine that will give her input on this topic.

Preventing Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past thirty years according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Childhood Obesity Facts). Choosing healthier lifestyles for children will decrease obesity risks as well as diseases that come along
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1). Obesity can lead to several complications as well as disabilities. The Mayo Clinic Staff gives some problems for obesity, which are diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and even breathing disorders (Mayo Clinic). Some of these complications will come as an adult, however being obese as a child can cause these problems in the future. It is important that we discuss childhood obesity causes and how we can prevent …show more content…
Mrs. King explains that school administrators are more concerned on children’s academics rather than their health. Even when I went to school, I noticed that the faculty did not focus our health because they were more worried about the students getting high grades to make them look good. However, according to the report done in 2005 from the California Department of Education, students that are physically active are more likely to go to school and succeed rather than children that are not active physically (Spark, par. 6) In order to help prevent children obesity, need to find ways to have extracurricular activities that are considered being physical activity. Some activities could be fundraisers like having a dodge ball or volleyball tournament. This way, not only will the children benefit, but also supporters who come out could donate money for the

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