The Challenges Of Childhood Obesity In The United States

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One out of three kids are considered overweight in the United States (Obesity Youth). Today’s society faces many challenges, one of which is childhood obesity. Childhood obesity has become a major epidemic in today’s society. Obesity to an average healthy individual may seem like no big deal, but in reality it is the second leading cause of mortality in the United Sates. Childhood obesity is a problem that needs to be controlled now before it escalates into our future as a society as a whole. This epidemic can be helped by empowering caregivers, providing healthy food in schools, creating access to healthy and affordable food, and increasing physical activity in our lives.
Years ago, obesity was not nearly as prevalent in society. The numbers
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Being overweight as a child can cause the child to have a high risk of heart problems as they age. As a parent or caregiver, they should care about their child’s health and being overweight is a part of their health. This is a serious problem that parents and caregivers should be aware of and should be trying to prevent in their children. A child being obese can actually reduce life expectancy by eight years (“The Ticker”). Genetics may impact the child’s weight, but there are ways to help the child maintain a healthy weight despite genetic issues. Helping a child maintain a healthy weight when genetics contribute to the issue, makes the issue harder to manage, but is still a manageable …show more content…
An overweight child in today’s society will have to face many more challenges and situations than a child of a healthier weight generally would. Unfortunately, in the world today, obese children are looked at and judged more than your average child. As the child becomes a teenager and starts junior high and enters high school this problem will only get worse for the child. The child will most likely get judged and they may feel alone and start to develop the symptoms of depression. Many obese children have to deal with this issue in their lifetime. Children that show signs of depression tend to do worse in school and generally have lower grades (Toporek). Holding an unhealthy weight as a young individual will typically lead to many issues later in a child’s life.
Being obese as a child not only affects the child’s emotional needs but also affects them physically. A child who is obese is more likely to have a harder time doing physical activity than a child of average weight. This tends to limit them on their everyday activities such as

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