Childhood Obesity In The United States

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Childhood obesity is a large problem throughout the world and especially the United States. Children who suffer from this illness have higher disadvantages than children who are of a normal weight class. Childhood obesity can come from children with eating disorders, depression from peers or not having parents involved in their lives. Even though the United States is not the number one country to lead in childhood obesity, it is ranked in the top ten coming in at number five.
Childhood obesity can cause serious health problems in the future. Obesity is the second leading cause for death. During the adult life for those who were obese as children, the rates for obesity are persistent. These children are more likely to be obese in their adult
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From birth, children are watching and learning from whatever they see. If parents do not have enough education, their children can suffer from this. Statistics show that parents who gain higher education have a better chance of having a child who is not obese. Parents with lower education are typically apart of a minority group and have a smaller income; border line poverty. The Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Program is aiming mothers who have newborns or are still pregnant to alter the interaction with their children in hope of motivating a positive outlook on education, nutrition, and physical activity. This lower education level can affect the jobs of the parents and make it harder to get healthy foods. Fast food is cheaper than fresh groceries. Parents who have a limited amount of money would choose to just buy a cheap meal to satisfy the needs of the family for the time …show more content…
A lot of organizations are out there that are willing to help reduce the cause like the NFL play 60. This is an organization that motivates children to go outside and play at least 60 minutes in a day. With the children going outside to play 60 minutes in a day that will help burn more calories. Adults can also participate to show the child that they are not alone and possibly make working out more enjoyable as well. First Lady Michelle Obama also started a campaign Let’s Move! is also an organization in hopes of eliminating childhood obesity. She updated the school menus to become more health conscience. Let’s Move opened up a child care to help give children a better start on being healthy and preventing obesity. The organization even hosts an annual dinner where children and their families are selected to come and create a healthy dinner. Both of these organizations are ways to get involve to be a part of the solution. Helping create better generations to come is

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