Types of Love in "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"

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People are prone to others, to hold onto ideals they cherish the most. We as human beings need some sort of physical form to attach ourselves to no matter what circumstance may be presented in front of us. Love is just one of the many presented circumstances that require such attachments, the purest and most in depth circumstance that anyone could ever be a part of. The characters within the story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” are considered to be within the boundaries of an in-love relationship. They show the differences between couples, the good and evil, and even what the betrayal of previous marriages can do to a person’s ability to fall in love again. There is one key to being able to succeed without probable cause to …show more content…
There needs to be substantial moderation from the other person in order for love to work. For example, Nick and Laura seem to close, too preoccupied with the other to realize that they may spend 50 years together mentally in a matter of 5. That they may wear out their welcome in the others heart, and eventually collapse. Teri and Mel’s relationship is one of past problems, never accepted or patched, or have had ample opportunity to, which causes their own disarray. In the end love is a personal preference, and is required to be adapted by the secondary party in order to create a sense of understanding. Only then can their love flourish into a successful relationship.
In the end all any of us want is to fall in love, and live our lives with the other. Although finding such a person can be tedious and frustrating a times, it is worth it. Adaptation is the key to any love, to give in to the other person’s wants and desires and vice versa. Not in the extremes of Nick and Laura, but not to the bitterness of Teri and Mel. Love and relationships are very fragile things. They are so fragile in fact that it just takes one thing, one tiny little offence and it can snowball on you. (Mel’s proclaimed affection for Laura) And if that snowball starts to pick up speed, god forbid, you better tuck and roll. Relationships do not work the way they do in television and

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