Essay on Our Souls At Night ( Wheel Theory )

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Our Souls at Night (Wheel Theory) What is love? That is the age old question that is almost impossible to define, people have been asking the question for a long time and still have not found a very good answer. Love, depending on the person you ask can be many different things, but there is one thing that we cannot deny, we all experience it at least once in our lives. Professor Ira Reiss from the University of Minnesota came up with her own theory of love that is broken down into four different stages. One could say that her theory could correlate with the novel based on those stages which are: Rapport, self-revelation, mutual dependency, and personality need fulfillment. The first stage that Reiss proposes in her theory is rapport, which basically means two people who have a close relationship and talk about how each other feel. Reiss suggests that a rapport can also mean that both people can have a similar background or a similar past “One or both believe they have so much in common that they feel a degree of mutual understanding.” (Borland, D. (1975). In order for this stage to become relevant the final stage would have to be finished since the theory essentially goes in a wheel. Both of the main characters have a similar background due to the fact that they are both widowers and are both older in age. The whole reason on why the relationship between the two main characters started was because they were both lonely and wanted companionship. The same could be said…

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