The Importance Of Being Earnest And Wuthering Heights

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Love is all about feeling something. A connection with another individual that affects them not only in their social life but deep down, it pulls at their heart. Marriage is the joining of two souls that deeply care about each other enough to devote their lives to each other. Their desire to spend time with each other everyday rules above all else. The books of “Wuthering Heights” “Mrs.Dalloway” and the “Importance of Being Earnest” shows the irony and exposes the fact that in each respective time period that the novels were set in, no one marries for their feelings for one another. Love is an ideal to strive for at all times, but there is rarely an instance where love is the reason for marriage. One individual might love the other, but in each story, there is always something to gain from marriage. …show more content…
Marriages by love are looked at with a discerning eye if the two individuals are not in the same social class. No important protagonists in each of the novels truly loved each other, and only married for class, power, or money. Though many of the characters wanted to believe that they were in love, it all comes down to the accessories in the end. The plots of each respected book revolve around marriage, or at least the relationships between the characters. The way that the books want to function is to build up the protagonists as real people with real problems; make them seem relatable. Setting up those familiar traits within the characters make the reader connect with them more. These authors use the theme of love and marriage so much that the use of it makes it seem saturated and almost ironic to the point that love isn’t what is dreamt about, but it’s just what society

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