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The Writing Process

Writing can be a very difficult process for those who do not know how to go about constructing a work of writing. I have my own ideas on how I think the writing process should be done.
Time and good ideas will make for a good paper because when I begin writing a paper or an essay I take a day to think of all the possibilities to write about. If I am lucky if I have the chance to come up with my own ideas rather than have them given to me, but if that is not the case then I follow my simple steps to get through with my work .

To start off, I remember that it may take awhile until I am sure on what I am going to write about for the topic. It is all right to change the subject many times if I
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Once some of my thoughts have been gathered and written down, I organize them into specific sections so I can start putting my paper into an order like my outline.

At this point if I come to realize that the paper is not going to go anywhere, I put it aside for a night and take time to think about new ideas, but if I feel my paper is ready for the first draft
I will take an hour or two to sit down at the computer or in a quiet area to begin writing more. If a pencil and a pad of paper are preferred rather than a computer to construct first drafts, use that instead because it will work too. It depends on peoples own preferences. I like to use computers because I can type faster than writing free hand. It is also very easy to copy and paste words or complete sentences around, rather than having to write them down over and over again. So much more detail can be added in faster and easier with the use of a computer.

While spell check is a big advantage of computer usage, be aware of using the wrong form of words because the computer will not pick up those errors . Do not get confused with using a computer as taking the easy way out of a writing situation because revision is going to have to be made either way.

My last steps in writing anything would be to take my first draft and fix punctuation errors. It is a good idea to have some other people read it and have them put their input on my work. In my papers people critiques are

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