The Right to Choose Medical Treatment Essay

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Right to Choose Medical Treatment

According to Philipus Auredous Paracelsus, “medicine is not merely a science but an art. The character of the physician may act more powerfully upon the patient than the drugs employed”.
Medicine is an extraordinary field of study, you meet all types of people from various walks of life, encounter different situations daily and the difference that a physician can make in one’s life is priceless. More importantly, when you enter medical school, one of the most important things that will be embedded in your mind during and even after you graduate is, prescription, prescription and prescription, During ones medical education, physicians are taught not only about the human body but to write prescriptions.
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TR resides with her husband and her five year old daughter. Prior to her illness TR was employed with an upscale department store as a sales associates.TR, decides that she is tired of taking her medications and stops after day 10, and she went into a coma. Nevertheless when TR came out of the coma, she said that she did not want to die but in fact she wanted to live for her daughter.TR was evaluated by a physiatrist and found to be competent and depressed. TR was released from the hospital and one month later she stopped her treatment once again.
However, in the case of 16-year-old Star child Abraham Cherrix, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in 2005. Abraham was residing with his parents and his four brothers and sisters. Abraham’s physician recommended chemotherapy for treatment. Abrahams chemotherapy treatment left him nauseated, weak and with hair loss. Consequently, two months after his treatment ended, his cancer re appeared, Abraham and his family were devastated. Abraham’s family decided that they wanted to use alternative medicine in this case, the treatment was called the Hoxsey Treatment. The Hoxsey treatment was derived from Harry Hoxsey back in the 1920’s. Harry made an observation that a tumor on a horse had

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