The Planning and Design of Athletic Equipment Essay

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The Planning and Design of Athletic Equipment Taking part in sports is an activity that improves our health and fitness it is possible to become injured as a result of not using the correct equipment. Let’s say you have a pair of running shoes that do not absorb the impact of road running this can cause knee and hip injuries. If the bottom part of your shoe which is called the sole does not provide enough friction the wearer could slip and get hurt. To improve the life of the shoe it should strength and resistance to wear and having things …show more content…
The diagram and glossary below will help you understand the basic parts of a running shoe.

1. The outsole: The under surface of the shoe, usually made from carbon rubber. Below is in-depth information about the outsole. The main function of the outsole is to provide traction as well as to reduce wear on the mid-sole thereby increasing the overall durability of the shoe. Early outsole units were made of leather or rubber and were modified according to the athlete's need. For example, early running shoes used for track events could best be described as leather shoes with nails driven through them. Today, the outsoles for track shoes have plastic plates molded into them that allow a runner to change the spikes used dependent on the day's event. Early basketball shoes used a rubber compound that provided some cushioning but tended to wear out pretty easily. Little thought was given to traction relative to specific movements in basketball, like running vs. pivoting, as well as to the type of surface the game was being played on. Today, basketball shoes reflect the need to address the differences between surface types, indoor wooden courts vs. outdoor concrete courts, as wells as the understanding that frictional needs differ, depending on the movement, in different areas of the outsole.

Upper Image

Factors to be considered when designing the outsole:

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