The Perfect Hosts, and The Secret to Being a Hospitable Couple

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Hospitality is a very complex and multifarious concept. Hospitality may be explained as an industry, a service, an attribute, or even a custom. All of these descriptions comprise of theories in human resources, anthropology, sociology, and psychology (Lynch et al). In each instance, however, there is a profound existence of understanding human nature. In order to be successful in understanding and providing hospitality, one must have a clear perception of the duality inherent in human nature. The idea of the duality innate in man’s nature refers to the notion that human nature is divided into two basic facets, good or evil. This research analyzes the ideology on human nature of prominent philosopher John Locke, as well as resourceful …show more content…
In such time, hospitality was revered as an integral daily moral convention. It was more than a social practice; at that, hospitality meant guaranteeing strangers a minimum of “…provision, protection and connection with the larger community” (O’Gorman). In the Renaissance, being hospitable was rendered paramount in ensuring the prosperity of the human race. Hospitality was emphasized as a means for “sustaining the normal network of relationships on which a community depended, enriching moral and social bonds among family, friends and neighbors” (O’Gorman). In other words, providing a hospitable atmosphere for outsiders, and acquaintances as well, served as a basis for developing and building upon moral and social ties with peers. This statement illustrates the interrelationship between the practice of hospitality and the inherent nature in humans. Having the good will of caring and providing for a foreigner, whether it may be in a social event or in one’s own home, shows that there is an innate generosity in people. Furthermore, as stated by O’Gorman, the primary location for hospitality was home, from when civic and commercial principles of hospitality emerged.
In simple definition, hospitality means “kindness in welcoming guests or strangers” (Ferguson). The value of hospitality is classified within any of three categories: poor, good, or excellent. Hosts are required to have

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