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A hero has many admirable traits that are attributed to them. Today, one would describe a hero as someone with courage, bravery and a clear conscience to invoke good deeds. In mythology, heroes are also present and hold the same qualities as our modern heroes. Heroes just like Odysseus who after spending ten years trying to return home from the Trojan War, wants nothing more than to get back to his wife, son and reclaim his position as king of Ithaca.. But hardships that appear during his

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Even if there are people in the world who say he will come back. No, the day of his return will never dawn” (Homer: 15). His son, Telemachus has given up hope that Odysseus will ever return home. Odysseus’ quest is to return to his kingdom, which demonstrates the second phase. Odysseus is “...alone, longing to get home to his wife” (Homer: 11). He leaves Ithaca unwillingly knowing that he will have to face many unprecedented dangers and wants to remain in Ithaca, the one safe place that has no real dangers or monsters to preoccupy him.

Along his journey, Odysseus encounters many monsters during stage four and is involved in a fight in stage five that brings him close to death. Monsters are often portrayed as wicked and cruel beings and those are the traits the Cyclops Polyphemus exhibits. When Odysseus encounters Polyphemus, it seems as if he has finally met someone who has the ability to best him. In order to defeat this “monster” Odysseus must examine all angles of the situation carefully. From Odysseus’ perspective, Polyphemus is seen as:

... Trunks of tall pines and spreading oaks. These were the night quarters of a monstrous man, who was then tending his flocks along way off by himself; he would not mix with the others, but kept apart in his own lawless company. Indeed he was a wonderful monster, not like a mortal man who eats bread but rather like a mountain peak with trees on the top
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