The Northern Ireland Troubles: Background, Development and Peace Process

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The United Kingdom of today, as know, encompasses the main and biggest British isle located in the Atlantic Ocean, comprised by the countries of Wales, England and Scotland. However, there is one more country that’s currently being counted as being a part of the United Kingdom as a whole – Northern Ireland, occupying a part of the north on the island Ireland. When an invasion from the United Kingdom resulted in the latter seizing control of the then united and independent state of Ireland in the 17th century, subsequent colonizations by Scottish and English Protestants took place chiefly in the Northern Part of the country, whilst the rest of Ireland remained predominantly Catholic and was mostly left in peace. However, despite of the …show more content…
As well as military groups, there were also paramilitary1 groups, the IRA2 being one of the main paramilitary groups fighting for their cause. This disagreement upon the question of the rightful state to govern Northern Ireland, among the mentioned differences in religion and the discrimination that followed, have incited a number of severe robberies, bombings, assassinations and terror tactics, all of which combined claimed the lives of a total of 3524 people, half of which were civilians, whilst injuring a total 35000. The Troubles are considered to have had their official start in the late 1960’s; nevertheless, the conflict had been building up for a long time prior to that. If you will, the events of the late 1960’s, which includes the civil rights march in Londonderry, Northern Ireland - sparked by the unfair treatment of a Catholic single mother with two children in desperate need of a house that was eventually given to a single Protestant man - are to the Troubles what Sarajevo was to World War I. In the years that followed, a number of drastic measures like marches, bombings of both Protestant and Catholic areas and hunger strikes were taken by both sides. An example of the terror and injustice

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