Essay about The Meaningfulness of Dreams

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The question whether dreams are meaningful seems very straightforward but the reality is different. Each time someone tackles the topic there are potentially numerous theories applicable in this context, almost as many as the number of unique types of recalled dreams. The bond between sleep and dream is unbreakable but the question concerns mainly dreams and that is the main area that should be properly discussed in this essay. Perhaps the right way to tackle it is to start with the definition of a dream and when particularly it occurs. A dream is a state in which a person experiences cognitive, emotional, vivid images of real and unreal processes. It may involve physical activities like running, jumping, dancing, as well as verbal content …show more content…
Another similar theory concludes that most dreams allow us to first experience challenging and often dangerous situations in the safety of our inner world by exposing us to dreams full of negative content.
Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory gave birth to a concept that the dreams are the products of one’s unacceptable and unconscious desires and needs which more often than not represent sexual and aggressive urges. The main purpose of dreaming here being wish fulfillment. The dreams we actually experience are called our manifest dreams and are disguised versions of our real world dreams which are called latent dreams. Freud’s theory is based on symbolism and interpretation in a way, that the key to understanding one’s dreams is to compare both latent and manifest areas thoroughly having in mind the potential sexual aspect. The criticism of this theory concerns the subjectivity of dream analysis as the same dream can be differently understood by different individuals with each of them having a unique point of view.
Naturally contrasting and alternative theory to the one introduced by Freud would be the activation-synthesis theory by Allan Hobson (if one considers the purpose to be the major point in the theory). Dreams represent no purpose and serve no function at all, meaning that they are

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