Clan Culture And Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is one of the important dimensions in building organizational culture. The most often used definition in the field of research on the particular concept of satisfaction is the one provided by Locke: “an agreeable or positive emotional state derived from an evaluation made by a person about his work or his work experience” (Locke, 1976). Perception of individual is created through his job satisfaction in different circumstance that includes needs, values and expectations, which in turn results in the culture(Buitendach and de Witte 2005). Based on the perceptions of the job individual attitude that they maintain against the job is considered as job satisfaction (Reilly, Chatham, & Caldwell, 1991). Job satisfaction has been defined …show more content…
This type of culture in an organization leads to highest employee satisfaction and clan culture is compared to supportive dimension. Supportive dimension is characterized with qualities such as warm, trusting, sociable, friendly, and relationship-oriented (Koberg and Chusmir, 1987). Berson et al. (2008) in their study stated that the supportive dimension is positively associated with employee satisfaction and says that clan culture is positively related to job satisfaction. Clan culture shows more commitment in work of the employees since they are satisfied with their job (Akaah, 1993).The adhocracy culture, which consists of innovation, creativity and adaptability is the second highest related with positive job satisfaction (Lund, 2003:Bellou, 2010) and is compared to the innovative dimension. Berson et al. (2008) stated that the innovative dimension is weakly related to satisfaction because the industry has an influence on the culture and satisfaction. For example, a high-tech company is more innovation-oriented and can lead to a higher level of job satisfaction for the high-tech employees and innovative atmosphere contributes to job

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