Causes Of Job Dissatisfaction

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In today 's society having a job is a necessity. Almost all adults have or have had a job to make ends meet, and to provide for their family members. Of course not every job is enjoyable, and a lot of people hate their jobs, but some people actually love their jobs. Some people love their jobs so much that they spend their whole life doing that one job, better known as a career. Others are working at a job they hate, hoping one day to have the career of their dreams. Even if one has a career of their dreams there is always going to be something he or she dislikes about the particular job. The morale of a company is very important and job dissatisfaction can cause many problems within a workplace such as job production, sales, revenue, and the company 's main mission or goal.

As stated before, the main reason most people have jobs is to make ends meet and to provide for their family. One of the main causes of job dissatisfaction is that an employee is being underpaid. People need money to provide for their family and if their job does not pay enough than of course they will be dissatisfied. says, this one issue is the most challenging one to work with because it can be driven by
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Also the working conditions because some jobs are risky and can be very dangerous. An Academia article states, loud noises, noxious fumes, extreme temperatures and dangers, such as heights, sharp tools or hot objects, all add to the stress of a working environment and to dissatisfaction among workers. It also says, safety regulations can help to alleviate these problems, as can avenues designed to consider the input of workers themselves on how to make workplaces as pleasant and safe as possible CITATION Aca l 1033 (, 2016). An employee has to think about their safety first when it comes to jobs that can potentially harm them and that can be stressful, which can also be very

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