Mikisiw Case Study

Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is a positive feeling about a job from its characteristics. Core self-evaluation plays a part in a person 's job satisfaction, whether a person likes or dislikes themselves or if a person feels in control or powerless over the environment. The older workers seem to have a fair amount of job satisfaction, being with the company for quite some years they are secure with where they are at and do not have many concerns for Mikisiw. Younger employees, on the other hand feel powerless in their work environment and show mostly job dissatisfaction. Consequently, the younger employees showed job dissatisfaction by ‘exit’, which is attempting to leave the organization, this happened during the walk out. Furthermore, …show more content…
Mikisiw does offer a lot of benefits for their employees. Their main benefit for the employees is the retirement program offered. The older individuals of the program completely agree with this program, and never want to see it leave the company. It is a program where all employees put money from their paycheques into the retirement fund, and the company adds some in as well. The reason why more of the older workers are so supportive of it is because they are nearing that point where they get to receive that money and will be able to retire. The younger employees, on the other hand are not as supportive because they would rather have the money now for current payments, they are nowhere near retirement and don’t find it beneficial to them. Another factor of motivation in action is autonomy which in simple words is the freedom an employee has with their schedule and how flexible the workplace is. At Mikisiw, they have their stand days. They don’t have variety in making their own schedules and working with who they want. It is all standard and is followed by all. Feedback is another key part, and this is where they get told or acknowledged on the work done to see if it is sufficient or if there is room for improvement. The younger employees said that they feel like they aren’t being challenged enough in the workplace, they wanted a job that would push them and cause them to have more of a drive to work. This also falls into motivation in action in the job description category. There is a lot of examples that come into play of motivation in action at the Mikisiw organization, and the views on them do vary among the different age groups leaving them in the dispute on what they believe the organization should be

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