The Lack of Bullying Interventions in Today's School Systems Essay

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In school systems today bullying is only talked about as being wrong or not tolerated. No one does anything about a bully until someone has committed suicide, tried to commit suicide, or has taken matters into their own hands violently. Administrators, teachers, and parents should pay closer attention to prevent the bullying that happens right in front of them.
In an article written on Columbine, Greg Toppo uncovers the many events of April 20, 1998. The two boys involved were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. On the day of now one of the most famous massacres to happen in America, Harris and Klebold entered their school with guns and killed 13 people, injuring another 24 just before turning the guns on themselves. In a video made just
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(Lett) Sometimes students will not stand up for themselves for fear of it getting worse. So, when teachers do not get involved and parents are too busy to listen, they resort to violence or worse. A 15 year old boy by the name of Jordan Lewis took his own life in October 2013. Why? Because of a constant line of bullying that his parents didn’t have a clue about. Its situations like these that make it clear that parents and teachers only support anti-bullying programs to make themselves look good while they do nothing to prevent the bullying of their own students/children.
There are three different categories that students fit into when talking about bullying. Students may either be a bully, be bullied, or be a bystander (Solberg). Research shows that both bullies and victims have proven to be more depressed than students who are not involved with bullying (Milsom). Depression is an extremely serious mental disorder that can lead to other issues such as eating disorders and, as I mentioned earlier, suicide. Other problems involved with bullying are a decrease in academic performance, and even dropping out of school altogether (Milsom). It is a mystery why programs such as “No Child Left Behind” don’t focus their attention on effective ways to prevent bullying from occurring. Problems such as misbehavior and alcohol and drug abuse have been associated with people who were bullies when they were children (Milsom).

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