Bullied The Movie Analysis

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The movie Bullied, is based on a true story about a boy named Jamie, who was subjected every day in middle school and high school to harassment and abuse because he was gay. Every year he prayed things would change, but they never did. He tried to seek help from his teachers and principals, but no one ever seemed to care enough to take action. As a result, their failure to protect him only encouraged this behavior, making his situation worse. He tried everything he could to escape, but he always ended up back where he started. Eventually, he was able to escape, he ran away to the city, where he finally meets someone who listened to his story and advised him to take legal action. After talking to his mother, they decided to go ahead with the …show more content…
Like so many, Jamie spent years tormented, abused and fearing for his life. Each day, he tried to seek help from teachers and administration, but every time his concerns were pushed aside. The schools lack of action, created a more hostile environment for him by sending the message to his bullies their outrageous behaviors were acceptable. In the end, we see how a once scared little boy took a stand and decided to fight back against bullying. Through his strength and courage bullying based on their sexual orientation is recognized and must be addressed. As a result, schools are now obligated to provide a safe environment for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Bullied is an inspirational movie that allowed its audience to go behind the scenes into the life of a boy who spent the majority of his life beaten and harassed because he was different. We got to experience bullying through the eye of the victim and really get an understanding of what they go through on a daily basis and the effect it has on their life. Jamie Nabozy story brought awareness to the issue and his bravery helps others know that they are not alone and

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