The Truth About Truman School By Dori Hillistad Butler

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Sometimes kids are the most cruelest people in the world. The lesson that Dori Hillistad Butler, the author of The Truth About Truman School, wanted to teach us is that words hurt a lot and it will cause a negative consequence. Ms. Butler, what gave you the idea of writing this book? Also, why did Hayley have to be so mean to everyone, even her own friends? What point or message were you trying to make? The novel, The Truth About Truman School, changed me because it taught me to not judge a book by its cover and that words hurt.
When it comes to divorce; divorce can impact a child’s behavior. If the parents fight a lot it could possibly scar the child. The child could possibly become a bully too, due to their life at home. Sometimes even the
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In Truth About Truman School, bullying plays an important role. I think that bullying is wrong, but I like the way it shows the impacts of bullying. In the book, Trevor was getting bullied by popular kids. But in the end, it was Trevor who ended up making the whole school dislike Lilly. That caused Lilly to lose all her friends. Which shows how bad bullying can impact somebody’s life. Bullying is still bad, but sadly it is still happening. I would know how it feels to be bullied, there was a rumor going around saying that I was a lesbian. That’s all because I hung out with a girl who became one of my friends. It made me feel anxious that rumors were getting spread about …show more content…
Like I said, not all kids are born bad. So the lesson Dori Hillistad Butler wanted to teach us is that words do hurt. Bullying does cause negative consequences. So Ms. Butler, I want to know what inspired you to write this book? Why did the character, Hayley, have to be so spoiled? What is the message that you wanted to show the readers. This book changed me because it taught me that judging people by their looks is bad, and not to use hurtful slurs to those people because words do hurt. But it also helped me realize that sometimes you don’t really know who your true friends are. You also need to remember that sometimes the internet is a scary place. That’s something we should think about, we need to remember that stuff we post online will be there forever. But I believe everyone should and would know

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