Essay on The Global Problem of Prostitution

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The exploitation of prostitution is considered to be one of a serious global issue in most of the countries around the world. Also, the number of prostitution is increasing tremendously each year and seems to be more serious than the past centuries. However, yet very few to none of the countries have completely solved this problem. Saudi Arabia and Netherlands are two examples of the countries that prostitution is still considered to be a problem that the government of both countries cannot ignore. There are different solutions that Saudi Arabia and Netherlands have come up with to solve the problem.

The first and the most obvious difference between Saudi Arabia and Netherlands is the law for prostitution. In Saudi Arabia,
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This is because all the services is concentrated in the Amsterdam Red-Light District which is considered to be the safest area in Netherland as policemen and private bodyguards are always on duty (Prostitution, n.d.). All sex workers are required to have regular medical checkups weekly. Moreover, along with the better control, legalization of prostitution has cut down the sexually transmitted diseases and the potential for spread of HIV has been decreasing ever since. The governments of Netherlands have agreed on the fact that prostitution cannot entirely be abolished and since it cannot be they decided to make it legal. Although Saudi Arabia and Netherland have many differences in common, they also share some significant aspects in the government prevention of the exploitation of sex trafficking. In many counties around the world including Saudi Arabia and Netherlands, poverty is considered to be the primary economic incentive that drives many women to be involved in prostitution, whether directly or by sex traffickers. The government of Saudi Arabia has provided assistance to the victims of sex traffickers by offering food and protection for the sex workers who escape from their employers and file a complaint with the police (Saudi Arabia…, n.d.). In addition, several years ago the Saudi government started

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