Persuasive Essay: Prostitution Should Be Legalized

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Prostitution Should Be Legalized. Today, prostitution has mostly negative stigmas added to it, which could be believed to come from many of the Blaxploitation movies that gave an idea of pimp and ho culture. These movies showed situation where women would be taken advantage of and tricked into become prostitutes, and they would be disrespected and beaten. But even though some of these tragic scenarios have become reality. This isn’t the only environment that prostitution is found and legalizing it would also give people in these situation a chance to protect themselves under the law, and could also potentially increase a state’s revenue through taxes. Prostitution is one of the world oldest occupation and should be protected under the law …show more content…
Those who choose to pick up this line of work need protection on a physical and mental front. John Truly-Ewart a risk migration specialist said in an article about sex work during the world cup that” "The bad press Germany has received is that decriminalization is a boon to the underworld. In fact, the opposite is closer to the truth. Prostitution is like any other industry. Make it illegal, and you give criminals a monopoly. Legalize it, and you give law-abiding enterprises a chance to compete. . .” Giving these woman and men more legal protection, makes it easier for them to seek help, so it would reduce the amount of medical issues such as STDs and the amount of crimes: murder, abuse, and human trafficking. Making it safer for the worker and the clients, and giving them the choice to what sexual act they’re willing to commit, the times they want to work, and work in conditions they’re willing to work in. Allowing these sex workers to have simple human

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