The Effect of Toys on a Person's Psychological Development Essay

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The Effect of Toys on a Person's Psychological Development

You probably remember your favorite game from early childhood—many people do. The game most likely involved your favorite toy, perhaps a truck, or a doll. In fact, when you think about memories from your childhood, toys should be among the first things to come to mind to evoke a strong image of early childhood. Toys have been greatly underestimated by their possessors and especially by adults, dismissed as the "supporting role" in indoor or outdoor pastimes, which they literally are. However, toys affect a person's psychological development to a higher degree than we may realize. Toys are a child's tools for exploring, for learning about the world. The child
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In the latter case, the child, or player, creates a small universe whose workings can change as her view of the world changes. Dramatists are likely to be the center of attention. They usually take command in a game, leading other children in the direction that they want the game to go. In observing the games of a four-year-old named Tommy, a dramatist, Gretchen Reynolds and Elizabeth Jones noted his aggressiveness in pretend playing. His games usually involved few "traditional" toys, utilizing objects in his environment as they progress. Tommy would assume a role as Batman or one of the Ninja Turtles and assign four or five friends to other roles. He would then guide the rest of the game in such a direction that the "good guys" would win over the "bad guys"; naturally, he would the head of the protagonists. On the other hand, patterners, because of their more introverted style of playing, are prone to play with fewer children. Their games involve less improvisation and require more "props," such as doll houses or railroad sets. Patterners also usually play with children of the same sex, probably because of the type of toys they use.
As before mentioned, there are certain toys that we are apt to label as more feminine or more

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