Mental Illness Nature Vs Nurture

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As discussed in class, nature is defined as the biological factors that shape a person’s unique set of traits both psychological and physical. On the other hand, the term nurture is defined as how our context or environment influences our psychological and physical aspects. Despite showing a variety of differences, both nature and nurture influence each other in a synergistic bond. On the “nature vs nurture” scale discussed in class, one of the evaluated categories was mental illness. The purpose was to discuss opinions regarding if mental illnesses are biologically inherited or environmentally influenced. However, mental illness is both biologically inherited and environmentally influenced due to the wide range of illnesses and the specific factors which cause the onset of each one.
Nature vs. nurture and its relation to mental disorders immeasurably grasped my attention. As a child, my mother was diagnosed with bipolar depression. I am aware that bipolar depression is due to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. What I never knew was if just because my mom has it, will I have it too? Growing up and to this day, I always question the probability of whether or not I inherited the gene from my mother or if constantly being surrounded by
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One mental illness would be one formed primarily due to experiences in life, like PTSD. The second mental illness would be one that is well known as genetically linked. The third mental illness will be one with a relatively unknown causes. I would ask the participants who had each mental illness questions based on their childhood and adulthood experiences, family history, and current medical history. I believe the results would help prove and further sustain the results of Baker and Proctor (2012); mental illness is formed by both biological and environmental

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