Psy 370 Case Study Jennifer

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PSY 370 Spring 2016, Homework Assignment #1
Jazmine Romero
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March 7, 2015
Case study: Jennifer

Jennifer is a young woman who seems to be dealing with a severe case of depression and anxiety. Jennifer’s background hasn't always been a stable foundation, family, and relationship wise, it has affected her well into her adulthood. She tends to overgeneralize about specific events in her life, which have led her to self-defeating conclusions. When overviewing the four specific models against Jennifer’s depression, Biological, Behavioral, Cognitive, and Sociocultural models, you notice a pattern of inheritance between Jennifer and her mother as well as a correlation with her family dynamic.
In the article describing Jennifer’s life,
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According to the fundamentals of abnormal Psychology, the Biological model is seen as an illness that is brought upon by malfunctioning parts but can also be inherited by a close relative (Comer, pg36). In Jennifer case, this would be her mother. When Jennifer’s father passed away, her mother retreated into herself and could not tolerate both her children at the time. When she did return from coping with her loss, she became very attached to her daughter and worried over her protection. Jennifer closely resembled her father, which is the reason her mother agonized over losing her. This could be a factor as to why Jennifer frets so much about being alone, which developed anxiety that leads to depression. In order to treat Jennifer, first you would want to focus on dealing with her anxiety which will then help with her depression. The phase of treatments, through the biological model, would be some relaxation training like meditation. If this treatment fails, then we could go ahead and treat Jennifer with Antianxiety medication such as Benzodiazepine. The last resort would be the either ECT or …show more content…
Jennifer even states herself that she believes her mother and herself are the same people (Styron, 47). Her mother went through depression and then developed anxiety over the possible loss of her children. When She remarries she falls into a bad habit with unsavory men. She leans on her daughter to keep her secret which causes a rift for Jennifer and her stepfather. This may be a factor to Jennifer’s own problems with her relationships. Because Jennifer is spending much time in her bed at the loss of her job, a Treatment, through the behavioral model, would be Which is the reason she always catered to her daughter, giving her anything she wanted and even allowing Jennifer to miss class when her teachers reprimanded her (Styron, 46). Jennifer never learned to cope with the difficult situation on her own because her mother was there to take care of the problem, this, in turn, caused a rift between Jennifer’s mother and her

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