The Differrent Types of Museums Essay

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Museum defines as an institution housing collections of objects of artistic, historic, or scientific interest conserved and displayed for the educational and enjoyment of the public. Museums are places of memory that provides the link of distant past to the present generation which also help the society to know the path their forebears trod. The main purpose of museum is neither to educate nor entertain but rather creates a memory bank would remind us of the past. No wonder most societies in different parts of the world traced their origin through the works of arts history. There are many types of museum includes museum of Antiquities-in which are housed ancient pieces of furniture or objects of art such as sculptures, paintings, …show more content…
Being as develop country, people must know about our history and show our identity as a people. Country that has no history means there is no future and lost generation. In addition, Museum as a repository of historical and cultural treasures of the country. Museum of commitment and high sense of responsibility to save and protect human and environmental heritage. Activities save and conserve followed with equipment information and documentation before the books are published for dissemination to the public. Accordingly, the museum can be seen as the finders and collectors of information to the public. For examples, the study was conducted on the role of the Royal Museum in relaying information to the public. In this study, it includes the role museums Royal in conveying information to the public about the state of Kelantan Royal heritage. The objective of this study is whether the Kelantan Royal museum can be bridges between people by King Naim. In addition, the researchers want to make study of the Kelantan Royal museum is can play a role in providing information and education to the public about the history of the sultanate of Raja Bihar, as well as track how collections of Kelantan Malay sultanate kept and cared for. The method used in this study is the method library and field research methods. In this method of libraries, researchers obtain information and perform

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