Essay about The Demolition of Privacy in Social Media

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In today’s society, if you ask a random person if he or she has a social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. most likely the answer will be yes. Users upload their personal information online to communicate and inform friends and families about their life, but what they fail to know is how large of a scale that data is watched under surveillance. Corporate companies and government officials are part of the group that uses other people’s information for their own purpose. Computer users are constantly watched whenever they search the Internet. Nothing is left unseen on the worldwide web. It is a violation of privacy if Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and even the government to conduct a procedure on private information that users …show more content…
The materials that are display on the Internet by people should stay on the Internet. Third companies and the government should not sell or gather those information for their own benefits, but they still do. There is also an amended called the Privacy Act that was established in 1974 to protect records from database computers taking information on the citizens but, it still happens today with Social Media Websites since technology has increasingly advanced since then. They merely ust the citizens as a tool or a database to analyze and use.
The government and the corporate companies use people’s information as products. The image art with the two pigs discussing about gaining free living space and food is a good life, yet it is actually how if the product is free, it is you who is the product. The reason why the pigs have the barn and food for free is because they will be eaten by the farmers, they are the bacon and ham. People who use free things like communication on websites turn into metaphorically pigs. Social Media Websites are free to be used by anyone. The requirements are just some information from the user, no payment at all. There is no way to fight back about how the companies and the government extract data. The consumers that use the social media websites also become the product. MacGregor Campbell’s “Cyber

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