The Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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“We don’t want no GMOs! We don’t want no GMO’s!” This cry resounds at rallies around the nation where community advocates protest the use of genetically modified foods in the products they consume. Genetically modified foods are not a new commodity, but people have just recently become aware of the dangers of these frankenfoods. Once hailed as scientific miracle foods, these GMO’s quickly infiltrated the public diet. Also, research has revealed the threat of these foods. Though genetically modified foods (GM), offer convenience and low prices, they are dangerous to public health. With advancements in science, genetically modified organisms have become increasingly popular in the food market. Scientists have made “advances in cellular …show more content…
Even though GM foods have risks, there also some benefits. Scientist make genetically modified crops with certain valuable traits in mind. Recently, scientists have created herbicide resistance and insect resistance crops. These would reduce the amount of pesticides used, which in turn would be good for the environment. Virus- resistant crops have also been made to increase the yield. One of the best known benefits for GM products is the ability to enhance the nutritional value of the crop. Scientists have made various changes such as: vitamin A-enriched rice, protein-enriched vegetables, antioxidant fruits, and starch-enriched potatoes that absorb less fat during frying. GM foods have become so popular with scientists because they can create GM foods that reduce foods allergens and anti-nutrients. Some staple crops have anti-nutrients which harm the health of the people who eat them (Haslberger).
Genetically modified foods have not been studied enough for public consumption. Although there is now an International Peer Review on GM food safety called Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, FSANZ, publications on GM safety are scarce (Yan). There are no peer-reviewed publications on the clinical studies on effects of GM food on human health (Pusztai).The public should be aware of the dangers of GM foods but there is no access to reliable sources for them to read.

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