Synthesis Essay Gmo

Organisms have been genetically modified for thousands for years. Dogs are bred together to make a new, better breeds. Fruits are crossbred to make new types of fruits. Today, most food is genetically modified. Over 70% of processed food in the United States is considered genetically modified. To be considered genetically modified, the food’s DNA must have been changed through genetic engineering (source E) The changes can be made in labs or by breeding different types of plants together. In the past few years there has been a lot of criticism toward genetically modified food. People view GMO food as unsafe and unnatural. Stores like Whole Foods, which is known for selling organic food, have begun to end the sale of products with genetically …show more content…
Science is always changing and discovering new things. Years ago, scientists did not know what adding a genome from one organism to another would do, and now scientists are combining tomatoes and pineapples to make cancer fighting pink pineapples. Scientists have found ways to end the use of pesticides. The genetically modified crops are being developed to be resistant to pests and weeds that kill the plant. Traditional farmers would spray their crops with potential harmful pesticides to keep pests and weeds away from the plants. Now farmers can cut out the pesticide and get crops already resistant to the weeds and pests (source A). Scientists are creating crops that can grow in harsh conditions. These crops will be able to grow through dry spells and harsh weather. These crops will change the lives of the poor all around the world and could potentially end hunger (source B). The scientific progress is helping end hunger and saving the environment. Since farmers do not need to spray their fields of GMO crops with pesticides because the pesticide is built into the plant only the insects that eat the plants will die. Before all the insects in the field would die. GMO food shows the progress the scientific community is making, as the progress continues the debate also

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