The Boys from Joes Essay

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The Boys from Joes The town of Joes, Colorado was founded in 1906. Just about everyone in the town had someone in their family with name of Joe, and that’s how the town got its name. The Boys from Joes is an incredible story. It’s about a group of ten small town boys who weren’t expected to go anywhere in basketball, or achieve their goals. Joes High School’s total enrollment consisted of sixteen girls, and twenty boys. Ten of the boys that had enrolled there played basketball. All of the boys were over six feet tall. Lane Sullivan, the new coach of the basketball team, had never even touched a basketball before he started coaching. Sullivan had never coached anything at all before he started coaching the Joes basketball team. In order …show more content…
The next season was a very successful one for these guys. They went undefeated until they lost to in the league tournament final to Flagler by a whole-whopping two points in overtime. They ended up taking the number two seed in playoffs; they did outstanding and ended up beating Flagler which landed them a seat in in the state tournament at UNC, in Greeley. During the tournament they first faced off against Julesburg, they won, and Julesburg never scored after halftime. In the second round, their opponent were Gunnison, with another win, they were set for round three. They lead the whole semi-finals game against Fort Collins with an easy win. They were finally here, the championship game, they were about to go head to head with Fort Collins, even though Fort Collins was praised, they were helpless during the game. The Joes led 14-2, the final score of the game was 37-14, and Joes were the new champions. After winning the state tournament, Joes was automatically invited to play in the national championship tournament. It was sponsored by the University of Chicago. The only downside was that they had to pay for their own way in, which was definitely a struggle for the small town. They had a “David and Goliath” story that fascinated people and donations started to pour in from all over. At the next game, the University of Colorado held a fundraiser. Joes won the game, and they also had risen more than enough money to make the trip. The majority of the town also

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