The Benefits of Animal Research, Testing, and Experimentation

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Animal rights are held entirely too high in regard. Many activist do not realize the benefits of testing on animals. They claim that it is "unethical" or "cruel" to perform experiments on such creatures. The truth is, the world as a whole has advanced tremendously in the past century due to animal experimentation. We are affected every day by at least one thing that has been influenced by animal testing. Many of the things we take for granted would not exist if it were not for experimenting with animals. The medicine that we need, the education that we receive, and the products that we use are just a few of the benefits that these animals bring to us. We should look at animals, not as poor defenseless creatures that are subject to cruel …show more content…
The findings of such experiments could be very important towards the benefit of human beings. It has been recorded that "É 54 of 76 Nobel prizes awarded in physiology or medicine since 1901 have been for discoveries and advances made through the use of experimental animals " (American Medical Association 77). Consequently, it is evident just how important animal testing really is.

Other opponents have suggested that technology can substitute for the real thing. They suggest that computer programs or models of animals be used to perform experiments. Again there is a problem in that these methods are not yet as sophisticated as they need to be. We simply do not have enough advances in computer technology to create an ideal model of an animal. We can not recreate life, only observe the real thing.

Some animal rights activists also believe that cruel things are being done to the animals used for testing. The truth is, there are organizations that restrict and create lab procedures and conditions in which to work with animals. These groups include the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, and the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory animal Care. These associations, along with others around the world, provide the most humane methods of animal testing. Scientists are not vindictive; they recognize the right of life of an

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