The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Marcus Brutus Essay examples

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On 15 March 44 B.C.E the Roman dictator Julius Creaser was murdered. There are multiple accounts on what took place that day. However all account came far after the day of the incident. When reading the accounts, “The death of Caesar”, written by Caesar's biographer, Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus (c.70-c.135), “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” from Marcus Brutus, and In “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” by Nicolaus of Damascus, all accounts portray Julius Caesar as a “selfish dictator”. In the student textbook, “The Making of the West, Volume 1: to 1750, 4th Edition”, Authors Lynn Hunt, Thomas Martin, Barbara Rosenwein and Bonnie Smith, portray Julius Cesar as both a "model politician" and a “selfish dictator”.
In the account, “The
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An example of Brutus’s will came when one refused to stand with Brutus and held unwaveringly to Caesars rule (Plutarch, 2004), Brutus writes, “Caesar does not hinder me, nor will he hinder me, from doing according to the laws"(Plutarch, 2004). Brutus and the other conspirators compelled in their beliefs that Caesar was unworthy of rule and did not hold the commonwealth’s interests and concerns (Plutarch, 2004).
In the account, “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” (44 BC) by Nicolaus of Damascus, The author portrays Caesar as a “selfish dictator”. Although this account is the only account to offer background on Julius Caesar prior to his declaration of “dictator for life” (“The Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 BC.", 2004). The fact that he proclaimed himself this, not only showed his need for obtaining more power, it also showed the senate that he would not rest with what he already obtained by great victories ("The Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 BC.", 2004). Since Julius Cesar was known by the senate and the people for his remarkable ability to concur vast lands quickly. An example of his ability came when it only took Caesar three months to control the entire Italian peninsula, and to defeat those whom were loyal to Pompey in Spain; sixty senate members decided the only way to deal with their problem was to assassinate Caesar ("The Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 BC.", 2004).
In the student textbook, “The Making of

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