The Art of War, by Sun Tzu Essay

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I found The Art of War, by Sun Tzu to be incredibly relevent to today's business environment. Being a Marketing student in the School of Business made Tzu’s razor sharp strategies and philosophies very applicable to the modern day competitive business world. In this cutthroat job industry, getting a job of choice has come to be a match, and many students are not well-informed of how to fight this “war.” In his text, Tzu relays information regarding how to prepare for battle by staying flexible, covering different grounds and prepping for diverse conditions: all which can be applied to a business setting. Each chapter in The Art of War is intended to cover a different section of combat, but from a business student prospective, I …show more content…
As Tzu says “Every general has heard of these five things. Those who know them prevail, those who do not know them do not prevail (page 7).” All employers know what top five abilities to look for in a potential hire: communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving and time management skills. If one is not constantly on their toes and prepared to exemplify those skills to their potential future boss, they’ll miss their opportunity for possible employment. Just like a battle or war, meeting with an employer takes lots of time and preparation to achieve success. By reading The Art of War, myself and all young business students would be able to use the idea of preparation to achieve success when meeting an employer. Following the first chapter with advice to always stay on one’s “A-game” and be prepared of employer interaction, chapter four makes some very significant points in reference to being prosperous in a business setting. In addition to being well equipped for any possible business encounter, it’s always vital to be flexible and adoptive to change. “Those skilled in military operations are able to change their formations in such a way as to ensure victory based on the actions of opponents (page 55).” Many times in a business situation, employees become very rigid and set in their ways. Not being open to new

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