The Adverse Effects of Video Games on the World's Youth Essay

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The Adverse Effects of Video Games on the World’s Youth
Since the beginning of time, games have captivated human interest. In the last forty or so years, a new type of game has taken America by storm. Started by snatching quarters out of young boy’s pockets in arcades across the country, the addiction to video games began. The addiction has evolved to the point where it drastically affects brain activity and elicits non normal, potentially malignant behavior. Like a train with no brakes, the video game revolution has exploded and no one can stop it.
Starting in malls and shopping centers across the US in the late 1970s arcades started to sprout up. The golden age of standup arcade games had begun. For America, this was a brand new form
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Systems like the PlayStation 2 and Xbox took video games close to where they are today. Moving away from the lighthearted kid-friendly games of the previous era, the new games were more graphically intense and blurred the lines between games and real life. Games like Call of Duty made users feel like they could actually go into war and handle a weapon. This is when the addiction fully comes into effect and the game’s content starts to begin to show an effect on the user.
When the arcade style fighting game Mortal Combat came in to home console in 1993, which featured gruesome “finishing moves” that included graphically dismembering opponents, the government felt that something had to be done. This game triggered a Senate inquiry and ultimately ended up forcing the America video game industry to create their own software ratings board, called the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or ESRB (Robinson 415). However, this did not stop game creators from increasing the violence and realism in their games.
A study conducted in 2004 at the Department of Psychology at the University of Bologna in Bologna Italy was conducted to test the effects of violent video games. During this study two groups were tested. One group playing a violent video game called Unreal Tournament which involves fighting each other to the death with various guns. The other game was called Puzzle Bobble which had users not violently shoot colored balls at balls of matching color to

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