Essay on Testimmonies and Solving Crimes

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Eyewitness testimony is crucial when it comes to trying to solve crimes, and sometimes eyewitness is the only option police have to solve a crime (Wells and Olson, 2002). When receiving an eyewitness testimony police tend to use a cognitive interview and it has been very important in shaping the approach police use to investigative interviewing (Dando, Wilcock, Milne, and Henry, 2008). A cognitive interview is a method of interviewing an adult witness by “establishing a rapport with the witness, minimizing interruption and distractions caused by the interviewer, and encouraging the witness to report all the details without guessing (Lapaglia, Wilford, Rivard, Chan, and Fisher).” The cognitive interview can also increase the total amount …show more content…
The study was conducted by using 3 test conditions, which were control condition (an unrelated verbal distractor test), cognitive interview, and free recall test. The post event had 2 conditions those were misinformation and natural. The test conditions were manipulated between the subjects and the post event conditions were manipulated within the subjects. 34 participants were included in each test condition, 24 were from the Mid Western University and 10 from the South Eastern. In the study the participants watched a 9 minute video of a robber breaking into a museum and stealing a diamond from the movie the movie Return of the Pink Panther and then were given a Cognitive Interview, a free recall test, or a unrelated verbal distractor test. After watching the control group was told to type out a description a childhood story, the free recall group type out a description of what they saw, and the Cognitive Interview group gave a open-ended, uninterrupted description from what they could recall from what they could remember from the video. After the recall the participants from the cognitive interview the participants had to close their eyes and recreate the when the robber broke into the museum, stole the diamonds, and escapes the guards. Then the participants from the cognitive interview had to draw a sketch on the diamond being stolen. After the cognitive interview, free recall, and control group was participants watched a distractor video that was a 22-minute clip

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