Tesla Motors Situation Analysis Essay

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Introduction This report examines factors impacting performance and planning for Tesla Motors and outlines current financial situation for the company. The following topics are discussed in this report.
Background about Tesla Motors
Case study discussion
Situational analysis for Tesla
Financial situation.
Tesla Motors is specialized in manufacturing electric vehicles and powertrains components related to the electric vehicles. Beside that ,Tesla Motors is owning network of supercharger stations and service centers. The company is focusing on selling directly to the customers to enhance customer experience and promote the company brand. Currently, the company is manufacturing and selling its second generation of
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These factors are:
Tesla Motors distinctive competencies
Horizontal Growth
Pull management model

Tesla Motors distinctive competencies
Tesla Motors achieved the following competitive advantages without compromising design or functionality:
Long range and recharging flexibility. In addition to fast charging ,The Tesla Motors vehicle ranges are more than double ranges of other electric vehicles.
Energy efficient and cost of ownership.Compared to internal combustion and hybrid electric vehicles, Tesla Motors vehicles are lighter, more energy efficient and lower maintenance cost. Government incentives are contributing further to reduce cost of ownership.
High performance. Tesla Motors succeeded in combining the high performance and excellent design in developing its electric vehicles. In 2013, Consumer Reports considered Tesla Model S as the best car ever tested and and Tesla Model S got 99 out 100 in the magazine’s test.
Tesla Motors is operating within electronic-based vehicles market which is highly competitive market. The primary factors in this market includes the following:
Technical innovation
Product quality and safety
Service options Design
Product price
Manufacturing efficiency Tesla Motors is also competing with automobile manufacturers producing and selling fuel vehicles. Many of these competitors are planning

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